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We are university students and music lovers from Atlanta, Georgia. We built FretWizard, and continue to improve it, with the vision of making music education easier and more accessible to everyone.

Ali Abid
Team Lead
Primary founder of FretWizard. A graduate from Georgia Tech, Ali is an avid guitar player and created FretWizard to share his love for the instrument.

Jake Albert
Technical Lead
FretWizard co-founder. A student at Yale, Jake believes software can help people practice a hobby independently, whether it be a foreign language, sport, or guitar.

Sibgha Ahmad
Sibgha helps manage and grow the FretWizard userbase. She ensures the business side of the website continues to grow so that FretWizard can attract and help more and more guitarists.

Daniel Khalek
User Testing
Daniel makes sure FretWizard is fun to use! A classic rock fanatic, Daniel ensures anyone can use FretWizard to start learning their favorite rock songs.

Contact us at admin@fretwizard.com for tab submissions, DMCA related requests, etc.